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It seems the other files missing has happened twice. This is very strange. I'm seeing to it right now.

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Thanks for fixing the problem..I have edited my comment!

Hello. I downloaded my asset pack to check if this was true and you're right! It only does contain the .blend files. I'm sure that when I bundled everything together there were also .fbx and .obj files.

Sorry about the trouble. I'm adding the contents in right away, and thank you for the comment.

Hello doomtucan. I've corrected the file upload, so now the .fbx and .obj files are present. Thank you again for bringing the problem to me as I was able to fix it for other people in the future. :)

PLEASE READ: I received feedback that there are only .blend files in the zip file download. I apologize for the inconvenience! Make sure that the .blend folders are unhidden. You will need to load up each file into Blender 3D and export each to the desired file format (or load them into engines such as Unity 3D without having to convert it).

Again I apologize greatly for the problems!

there are no fbx or obj files, only blend files

Oh? That is very unusual; I could have sworn I included them! I am terribly sorry. :c

I recall asking a few of my Twitter followers to report any issues with the pack but nobody did, unfortunately.

Another thing: the files are hidden. There is a box I had to tick to see hidden files on my computer. Only the read me file was visible without ticking the box.

Ah, so were all the files there but they were just hidden? If so I will update the content pack ASAP.

no only the blend files were there but they were hidden

Oh gosh that is a bummer. I'm sorry for the huge inconvenience. :c

Hello again. Thank you so much for telling me about the issue; I raised awareness on Twitter but nobody seemed to notice. I am very glad to brought it up! :)