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For a cleaner model, I suggest checking out Comp-3 Interactive's updated version!

The Human Size Reference Model is free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects.


  • 1 model (FBX and BLEND version)
  • A Blender 3D grid texture for checking UVs
  • 1 material

This was designed to be used for Unity but you are welcome to use this model for anything else.

How do I use these assets?

The simple answer is that you use them like any other asset. For most engines it is a case of drag-and-drop! You can change the material colours to your liking.

If you are wondering how to put them into your game, Here are the ways you can do it:

    1. Load the .fbx file into the engine of choice (or one that supports it), then select the model. You can duplicate the model each time you use it.
    2. If you own Blender you can load the .fbx file  and edit it to your liking.

What permissions do I have?

  • Since it is free you do not need to pay a single penny. All I expect you to do is to use this asset pack the way you want to. Use it for any project, any game, any picture, movie, etc. Use it commercially if you desire. If you wish to pay for the asset then that is totally fine, but do not spend anything if you do not want to!
  • All I expect is a mention of myself and a link to this very page. I would be grateful if you also added a link to the project you used the assets for in the comments.
  • You can modify content in the asset pack however you want. Alter the mesh, create textures for them; if it is transformative or even if it is left untouched that is a big OKAY with me!
  • What you cannot do with this asset pack is rebrand it as your own original content or sell it under a different name, even if you give it away for free. I would much rather have people come here to download the assets.

Please be sure to leave feedback on this asset pack. If there are any issues I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.


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EEE - Prototyping Human Size Reference Model.zip 211 kB


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Hey, just wanted to give a heads-up. I was editing the model (modifying for more feminine features) and found some edges and vertices that were overlapping, but disconnected. I don't know if that was intentional or not, but just in case, I wanted to let you know. I had to merge those edges and vertices to make the modifications I needed (Blender threw a hissy fit when I tried). The area where I noticed the missing edges and vertices was on the front shoulder/chest area, but there may be more.

Still, thanks for the model. I can't afford to donate anything, but I'll be sure to credit you for the model base.


Hello! I'm sorry I didn't see or reply to this comment. Can't believe I missed it!

That's very strange. I made this model a year or two ago and my modelling knowledge was limited, so perhaps I forgot to remove doubles at the time.

I'll fix the model when I'm able to and let you know, if you're still interested. :)


And done! It's been fixed. Again thank you so much.