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The materials are customisable; change the colours of the emission field of the material to your liking. The models have a point light attached to them which can also be customised.

MESHES: 11 FBXs and OBJs

There are no LODs.
- Tetris_Block_L: 420 tris
- Tetris_Block_P: 520 tris
- Tetris_Block_S: 524 tris
- Tetris_block_T: 420 tris
- Tetris_block_U: 424 tris
- Tetris_block_W: 524 tris
- Tetris_block_X: 262 tris
- Tetris_block_Z: 210 tris
- Tetris_block_line: 420 tris
- Tetris_block_piece: 108 tris
- Tetris_block_square: 416 tris



1K textures for red, orange, yellow, green cyan, blue, purple, pink and white blocks. Comes with normal and metallic smoothness maps. The white texture can be copied and changed to a colour of your liking.

Honest feedback is appreciated. It helps me improve and deliver better assets.


Buy Now£2.00 GBP or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of £2 GBP. You will get access to the following files:

EEE - Tetris Blocks PBR.zip 21 MB


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The blocks in this pack kinda remind me of the blocks from the 3D Tetris Project. The only difference is that yours look just a little more washed out. Still a job well done, though!


I probably used screenshots as inspiration, haha. Thank you.

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Your welcome! Did you find my feedback helpful in any way?